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Gainers Paradise S1 E27: Part 4 of Vince Gironda’s Six Week Bulk course and today is all about the biceps.

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Vince was an absolute wizard when it came to creating workouts that challenged even the most seasoned physiques.

This time around Vince combined some basic bicep building exercises along with some variation work that targets those deep fibers for maximum growth. The Vince Gironda Biceps Bomber Workout is exactly what the arms have been craving.

Get ready for the burn and pump of your life.

|| The Workout ||

-Vince Gironda’s Biceps Bomber Workout Six Week Bulk Course-

MISSION: Fill out the biceps from top to bottom and side to side. Fire off extreme hypertrophy and fulfill the goal of a 21 gun salute…muscle tissue edition.

TECHNIQUE: Set up all four exercises before you begin your work. Each exercise will be super-setted one after the other. Each set is 12 reps. The only rest you’ll get is the rest moving between one exercise to the next.

In between sets, rest 2 minutes.

Here’s the full workout breakdown:

Standing Incline Double Dumbbell Curls 12 reps (Lean on a slight incline bench while standing. Curl both dumbbells at the same time. Keep the elbows hanging down and back to bring extra focus to the biceps all the way through the motion.)

Gironda Close Grip Preacher Curls 12 reps (Set the preacher bench so that the bottom of your chest is about 3 inches above the bench itself. Keep the elbows on the pad. Remember to maintain full range of motion…full extension to full contraction.)

Vince’s 90 Degree Bent Over Straight bar Curls 12 reps (Lay the barbell on the floor and bend over with the knees bent. Place your elbows between your knees for support. Keep your hips high, your head low, and curl the bar from this position to the fully contracted position.)

Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls 12 reps

Run through all 4 exercises before taking a break. Complete 4 rounds total and once again go home, eat, grow, be happy.

INTENTION: Once again, just like in the last few videos in this series, CONTRACTION IS EVERYTHING! Focus on your form and the contraction of each rep. The volume is huge so the weight will be fairly low…with that in mind you’ll need to learn to connect even deeper with the motion and the weight. Take your time to internalize how each rep, set, and exercise feels from start to finish.

Growing muscle takes time. Stay consistent in your effort. Set achievable but challenging goals, and work every day to move one step further toward conquering your hearts desire.

Until next time, don’t forget to subscribe, thanks for your support, and keep training and gaining!

P.S. If you tried the workout outlined above and in the video, comment below and let me know how what you liked most about it.


ONLINE COACHING inquires contact me (Paul) here to get the info you need to get started:



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